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Try new foods and discover flavors make our food an incredible journey.

A few years ago, we decided to change our diet and eat vegetarian. When we say that we are vegetarians, they often ask us the same questions: Why? Since when? Your kids are vegetarians too? And proteins? How do you get all the necessary nutrients?

Although vegetarianism is growing a lot and faster than before, there is still a long way to go. In this post we want to tell you about our diet and the advantages of eating vegetarian.

How did we become vegetarians?

Caro was the first one in our family! As we told you in Hello, Caro read a book that made her rethink eating animals. Understanding where the food we eat comes from, how it has been produced, the impact it has on our health, on the environment and on the animals themselves, were the trigger for the change.

The most difficult part of the process of change is the environment; the people around you do not always understand that you stop eating meat and the truth is that in Spain there is still not much awareness of this subject, so eating vegetarian in a restaurant is not always a simple task either.

However, at home, it is quite simple. For several years, Caro was talking to us, explaining, we gradually made changes in our family diet so that we could all eat the same and so, the boys, we made a complete migration until we completely stopped eating meat.

We became vegetarians.

Today we are a vegetarian family that seeks to maintain the most natural and healthy food possible, taking into account the needs of each one of us.

Introducing foods as natural as possible in our diet was relatively easy since now there are many organic food stores  and they are located close to home. Now it is easier to find Bio products at a good price thanks to current food trends. Today we have brands such as El Granero Integral that have taken these Bio products very seriously and made it much easier for us.

Hemp in beads

¿What do we eat?

Now it is easier for us to elaborate our menus because we find more and more options.

Our family diet today is based on vegetables (boiled, steamed, raw, stewed, sautée … there are a million options to prepare them!), legumes (in soups, pâtés, burgers, stews), cereals (mainly pasta, bread , rice, oats, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, spelled …), fruit (minimum 2 pieces a day!), nuts and seeds that we incorporate into breakfasts, snacks, salads and help us to complete essential nutrients.

In addition to the proteins found in the foods mentioned above, we eat eggs and although we do not drink milk, we eat cheese occasionally. We complete the proteins with textured soy, tofu and sometimes seitan.

We have many options to carry out a vegetarian diet and as I mentioned before, we often choose among the more than 500 products related to the bio-culture offered by El Granero Integral.


¿ Would you like to take the step to a vegetarian diet?

Did you know that the WHO not only considers it a healthy diet, but also has studies that suggest that vegetarians are more long-lived than non-vegetarians?

To ensure that our diet is balanced and to check how we were in general terms, we have made a complete analysis. The results are very good and the doctor told us “keep it up, you are very good!“.

If you are evaluating taking the step, we encourage you to try and prove the benefits for yourself. If you are short of ideas for cooking, you can download our guide with 10 vegetarian recipes to surprise. We are working on a book with many more recipes that can give you many ideas and that will be available soon.

Hopefully our experience will inspire many to eat a diet richer in vegetables.

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