Our great dream


When I was 24 years old I was living in London. The company I worked for moved to another city and many of the employees did not want to move. They would be fired and compensated and many of them would take that money to make a trip around the world.

That was the first time I heard about going around the world and since then I never stopped dreaming about it. And I always thought that it would stay a dream because it never seems to be the right moment: you do not have enough money, you have a good job, the family grows ...

Ale always told me: "we will do it when we retire".

Well, no…. We will do it in 2018!

Two years ago my company proposed me a transfer to Dublin so we left Madrid and went to live in Ireland. We love this country with its spectacular landscapes and its open, sociable, positive and wonderful people. We have felt very well since the first day we arrived here and we have made great friends (We love you Club of 9!), But when we decided that we would make this long trip around the world, we could no longer extend our stay in Dublin.

The trip had already invaded our mind and our soul ...


Will you make a trip like this with two children?

Foto family

For a moment we thought that making this trip with children maybe was not a good idea but after many months of documenting and reading many blogs and experiences of other traveling families, we are convinced that it will be the best experience of our lives.

Nico and Luca will be fortunate to know many countries with different languages, cultures, races and will learn a lot from this experience. For us, the fundamental thing is to transmit values of respect, tolerance, and equality with all living beings, human and non-human.

And we want to have the opportunity to spend time together, quality time, without haste, without pressure, without the stress of very demanding jobs. Time for the four of us, to enjoy ourselves more and better...


Will they stop studying?


Of course, they will continue studying, we will do Home Schooling.

Ale and I will become teachers and follow the program of the Centre for the Innovation and Development of Distance Education.

We will have to set up a daily routine to bring the program up to date and the children will have to pass the exams in the Spanish embassies or consulates of the country where we will be.

Saying that sounds simple, we will have to see how we manage to be parents and teachers ... I guess there will be an adaptation period until we get the rhythm but we are very excited to get involved in Nico and Luca’s education. It is a very important part of this trip.

We will be giving more details!


Why The Vegetarian Travel?

Probar nuevos alimentos y descubrir sabores hacen de nuestra alimentación un viaje increíble.

Why not put all your passions together in the same project?

It's the perfect mix, right? Well, that's what we've done: the trip, cooking and the family.

Since I was a little girl, everything was around cooking and food. My grandmother had a restaurant and she passed on to my mother, to my dear mother, the passion for cooking. And my mother has infected me with that passion. How many hours have I spent with her in the kitchen chatting ... They are the best memories I have of my childhood and my adolescence (Thanks Mum for those moments, je t'aime!).

This passion for cooking was transformed into a passion for the vegetarian cuisine. About 4 years ago, our good friend Leo told me about his experience and how reading a book changed his life. Everything he explained to me aroused a concern in me and although I knew that if I read that book there would be no going back, I did it, I read it and it changed my life. But above all, it changed my way of seeing the world and the animals that inhabit it. @Leo, if you read us, thank you very much for helping me to open my eyes.

I have been vegetarian since then and now I spend the day looking for rich recipes from all over the world to be able to have a varied, rich and balanced diet. But above all, I try to make my family enjoy this way of life.

And we are on the right track since my 3 guys are flexi-vegetarians. What does this mean? Well, they have a vegetarian diet 95% of the time.

Another objective of this trip is to get closer to nature, to animals, to collaborate with an NGO or animal sanctuary. I think this trip will help us empathize more with the animals and maybe, who knows, my kids will decide one day to take the full step into vegetarianism.


Why in a campervan?

On Road

Doing a long trip, changing location constantly can be very tiring for kids and they may get a little disoriented.

Having a space to rest, to play, a place to return to at the end of the day, a home ... it seemed essential for us.

So we decided to take the house with us, or better to take a house with wheels.

Our future home already has a name. It will be called: "KALE"


And what about your jobs?

Ale works as a freelancer offering marketing services so he will continue working during the trip.
I have announced to my company, in which I have worked the last 8 years, that I am undertaking this project. I have been very happy in this company, I have learned and grown a lot, besides having made great friends. But the time has come to face new challenges and I am sure that after the trip new projects and opportunities will appear.


How will we finance the trip?


Much of the trip is financed with savings. We hope that our savings will help us to do an important part, but in order to extend the trip we will look for other sources of income.

Ale will continue to do consulting work in Marketing, web development and digital marketing. If you need the services of a great professional do not hesitate to contact us!

We are also writing a recipe book. You probably have already an extract if you are reading this blog. Our idea is to put it on sale at a very affordable price. If you like healthy food, easy to prepare and want to support this project you can buy the book very soon. We will inform you by email as soon as it is ready.