Once decided that we would make the great trip it was time to choose the destination. There are so many countries that we want to discover that deciding was not an easy task either.

Our initial idea was to head to the Middle East and Asia. These destinations are fascinating and have always attracted our attention. They also have a great gastronomic wealth and could provide us a lot about vegetarian cuisine.

But to be honest, when we started preparing the itinerary and went from Europe to Asia, we started to find complications .... So, we decided without many delay to change the direction towards America, another of our very desired destinations.

Our route has several stages.

Stage 1: Ireland – Spain – France – Belgium

At the beginning we were thinking on travelling a large part of Europe before jumping to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. We finally will put all our resources in America. We will have Europe at hand and we will be able to discover it more easily when we come back.

We will leave Ireland at the beginning of July 2018 to return to Spain where we will spend the summer visiting our family and friends. We will travel the entire coast starting from Huelva until we reach Catalonia. Then we will go to France to visit the rest of the family that lives there and finally we will go to Belgium to leave KALE (our little house with wheels) in the Ship that will bring it to Montevideo, Uruguay 38 days later.

Stage 2-3-4: America, from South to North

Our plan includes a tour throughout the Americas; from South to North, from Ushuaia in Argentina to Canada.

We have defined the general itinerary that connects the countries through which we will pass but do not want to plan too much. We believe that the road has a "life of its own" and will be created as such.

"We will let the road guide us and the time and places will be defined on the fly".
The Vegetarian Travel

We will explain, through social networks, the next destinations and where we are. If you see that we are close, and you want to show us a recipe or where you are from, don´t wait and invite us to discover it.

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