Ireland, you have stolen our hearts.


We went to Ireland 2 years ago, without too many expectations. We wanted to have an international experience and improve our English. We thought that it was a cold country, in which it rains a lot and that it would be very difficult for us to get adapted to the culture and climate.

How wrong we were! Ireland is an incredible country that has treated us like a mother to its children. We have felt at home since the beginning. It really has been a privilege for us to have had the chance to live here for two years.

What is the best of Ireland?

Without any doubt, its nature and its people.

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
Cliffs of Moher

Its nature has captivated us from the first day. It is a country with immense natural wealth; forests, lakes, ocean, beaches, sea, cliffs and green, lots of green everywhere, green that revitalize!

If you like to walk, there are thousands of trails to do to explore forests, surrounding lakes, skirting cliffs… Kilometres and kilometres of hiking surrounded by spectacular landscapes.

To these, we must add the thousands of castles that exist and have been the setting for great filming like Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Braveheart… and that make this country so characteristic.

Donegal Castle, Ireland
Donegal Castle

And what to say about its people… They have not only captivated us, we fell in love with its people!

I guess being away from your country, your family and friends has an impact on the relationships you make, the links that are created, the intensity of the friendship you forge… In just two years we have made great friends that we know we will keep for the lifetime. Without a doubt, @Friends, you are the best that Ireland has given us!

What we less liked of Ireland

We could say that the worst thing is the lack of services for Campervans. There is only one Parking in Ireland to charge and emptying water. In Northern Ireland, you will find some more but the offer is very limited as well.

The roads are also worth mentioning. Some are narrow and others very narrow. At first, it’s a bit difficult but one gets used to drive on these roads and the locals are expert drivers. They always help and let the foreigner pass. So finally, it’s not so bad!

Typical road, Ireland
Typical Irish Road

Practical aspects of the Campervan trip in Ireland

  • Gas: Butane and propane gas are easily found at gas stations or specialized sites. The connection valve of the cylinder is the same as in Spain. The cost of the bottle is €35 if you leave an empty bottle in exchange, if not the cost increases to €60. We were accepted a Spanish bottle to avoid paying €60.
  • Water: although there are no sites with services for campervans, water is free in Ireland so it is not very difficult to find a place to charge (gas stations, houses, …)
  • Fuel: There are many fuel stations. The cost of diesel when we write this post is €1.38/l.
  • Driving in Ireland: There are very few highways. Most of the roads, although they only have one lane, are in good condition and usually have additional lanes for overtaking every few kilometres. Outside the main roads, paths become very narrow and sometimes it is very difficult that two vehicles pass, even more if one of them is a campervan.
  • Parking and overnight: it is quite easy to find a place where you can stay the night without paying. We have even found quite a few on the seafront. If you are looking for campsites, there is a fairly wide offer although we have not used it. Keep in mind that most of these sites only open from April to September.
Glen Head, Donegal, Ireland
Glen Head, Donegal, Ireland

Being a vegetarian in Ireland

Eating out: Ireland has quite a bit of veggie culture and in general you always find at least a couple of options in all the restaurants. Although the star is always the burger, a vegetarian will never leave without eating. There is also a huge offer of salads, sandwiches and wraps. Almost all fuel stations and small convenience stores have an area to prepare your own sandwich or salad.

Find here a link with a list of vegetarian restaurants in Ireland: Happycow .

Shopping basket: In medium-sized supermarkets such as Aldi and Lidl you can find all the necessary including vegetable milks (although there are usually no vegan yogurts). There are also veggie burgers and falafels. In large supermarkets such as Tesco, there is a wide variety of products for vegetarians as well as sausages and vegan cheeses not so easy to find elsewhere.

If you have not been to Ireland yet, we recommend it, you will love it.

Ireland is a country that receives, embraces and the warmth of its people makes it a very welcoming country.

Ireland we will miss you … you have stolen our hearts!

A hug and … See you on the road!

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