How did we create our Blog without knowing anything about it?

¿Cómo montamos el Blog?

When we decided to pursue our dream, we also decided that we would create a blog to share with family, friends and anyone who wants to get on, everything we will discover during the trip.

After this decision was taken, we started to investigate how to make it. It was not going to be easy….

The first dilemma: should we hire a designer to make an amazing web or should I try to do it on my own?

When you’re starting a project like this, you have a lot of expenses. So the answer is easy: “It can’t be that complicated, I’ll manage it myself. With some YouTube tutorials I will be able to fix it!”

But after reading about this subject and diving on the internet, we asked for some advice to Bloggers who have already gone through this, such as Antonio G from “Inteligencia Viajera”. We finally decided to invest time, money and effort to learn how to do it ourselves with a course.

If you write in Google “WordPress Web Design Online Course”, you will see millions of courses.

I found the ideal course for me.

So I started looking for courses recommendations and there are thousands of suggestions … but we found one, that has been a real surprise.

Recommended by Antonio G, we found Oscar Fernández Herrero from Creativolandia, a Spanish blogger.

The course “Create a website that converts with WordPress” has been a discovery. Not only the course and the way in which Oscar imparts it, but also because it’s all given with videos. This is a strength as my way of learning is mostly visual.

With each video Oscar brings you through a well-structured content that allows you to create a Web step by step from scratch. In addition, the video-course remains forever as a video-guide that you can review, allowing you to change things in the future or to develop web pages for others.

Oscar also offers a tutorial of “How Create a Logo with Canva”, this helped us with the development of the brand.

The hosting, basic Chinese for me

The course also explains and teaches you “How to Manage a Hosting”. At the beginning this subject sounded like Chinese for me but now I am in control of it thanks to the course. In our case we have hosted the blog in “Webempresa”.

For those who don’t know about Internet technical topics, a web hosting is the place where the page is physically saved and where everyone accesses when putting the web address.

Webempresa” provides an impeccable service, they have a remarkable speed in solving incidents or doubts and the price is very good.

And we finished it

So here it is, with some support and recommendations, with our personal touches and above all with our heart … WE FINALLY HAVE OUR BLOG! The most complicate comes now… we have to make it live. And how can we do this? We will share experiences and information, hoping we will create some expectation and desire for more.

In this challenge of giving life to our Blog, we ask you to help us. This is easy!

SHARE OUR GIFT, SHARE OUR BLOG with your friends or share this post or the one you most like… that would be a great contribution!

Thank you so much for sharing it…

A hug and … See you on the road!

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