Allow me to introduce ourselves, we are the Caracino Jacinto family, formed by Ale, Nico, Luca and myself; Caro. We left Madrid to go live in Ireland. In Dublin since mid-2016, we now propose to move to a camper van and become nomads.

Foto family


He is 5 years old. His name is Luca but at home, we call him Lukator, so as you may have guessed, he is the messer of the family. It has what in the family we call "Jacinto Gene”, he has a strong character and temperament ... but somehow we are channeling all that energy.

He is a cheeky boy but he is also very noble and affectionate.

He loves sports and playing with his brother whom he adores. He has a lot of imagination and loves to play by himself ... He is passionate about costumes, has many and can wear them all in one day. We'll have to see if they fit in the caravan!!


He is 8 years old and is just like his father but blond. He is very noble, affectionate, curious and extroverted. Makes friends easily so we count on him to meet many people during the trip!

Nico has a lot of energy, he can be active all day, playing, doing sports and still would stay watching movies until late, he loves this and has inherited from Ale.

He loves sports and always wants to try new things so during the trip we will seek to satisfy his appetite for activities and sports.


He is 42 years old and lived in Argentina until he was 25.He has dual Argentine and Italian nationality, which allowed him to study in Spain. There he was lucky enough to cross my path J and although he resisted a bit, in the end, I got him to stay with me. 14 years after starting our journey together, he said yes to live this new stage in our life and travel the world (thanks Ale for always being by my side and accompany me in all adventures!).

Ale is very sociable, calm and ... he gives me a lot of peace, he is my land. And despite having that logical, paused side and weigh all decisions well, he also has the ability to improvise, to accept risks and adventures ... so, here we are!

Ale works in Marketing and is also a handyman. Give him something to fix, whatever it is, and if he has a cell phone or a tablet, he will find out how to do it. Nothing can resist him!

That being said you can imagine that he will take care of everything related to the campervan, mechanics, etc ... and he also is the creator of this website. We will share the pen to tell you all the journey.


It is very difficult to talk about oneself so I pass the keyboard to Ale temporarily. ;-).

What to say about Caro, in a few words she is the person who completes me and makes me live my life to the fullest. Makes the bad times are not so bad, a mother and companion without equal.

Spanish by birth and French by his mother, she has studied at the French Lyceum in Madrid and this makes our home a mess of languages: we can speak French, Spanish, "Argentine" and English in the same conversation ... fun!

Caro has dedicated herself as a professional to Sales Management and personally to pursue her dream of going around the world ... the business has always been very good, so now it's time to go for the trip ... all together. She has infected us with her dream. (thanks to you Caro for insisting and insisting with this dream that has become the family dream)

Tenacious, curious, love the changes and confronts them with a tremendous illusion (if it were for her we would move the furniture at home every day ... to see what we do with the decoration of the Campervan).

So, thanks to her tenacity for fulfilling her dream, we will change our lives with this trip together.

Come, travel with us and be part of this trip.

Join our trip and take the book of the "10 Vegetarian Recipes to surprise".